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- AjoigueCatojat , United States

Keder , can you please provide a service related computer repair ,as i am not able to see computer repair here on your portal
please do that , i am not able to generate ads related computer repair

- Mohit Tanwar , India

i wanted to text this services….how i can check trail?

- haroon , Pk

I have seen results using this tool the first day,
I love your Training Keder, you are the best
I’m in love with your other stuff too, you’re awesome

- Arie John , Boston, MA

I order CL Traffic Bananas and I have b 2 sales since I got this system and I was tired of spending money on products that’s not getting me nothing, but 1 or 2 sales everybody else that purchase this system and they making more money.  I work hard to get this system to work, i’m asking if any body really need to see good results, get yourself this system and save you all the headache, stuff is legig. i’m useing the ad generator to create my ads but it’s still not working

- Tisha Mingo , Houston,Texas

Cltb and CLTBADGENERATORis the BOMB.  The ad generator saves so much time when posting to CL it’s UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

- David Essex , Palm Desert Ca.

Before Cl Traffic Bananas I used to pay for my Craigslist ads and take a while to write up an ad. Now using the Methods that Keder shows in CL Traffic Bananas I use CL To generate Free Leads and it takes me a couple of seconds to Generate an ad using Cl Traffic Ad generator…..

- Gene Plugovoy , sacramento, Ca

This system plus CL Bananas is all you need to kill it on Craigslist.  No more spending hours trying to find the right thing to post. Keders got it all taken care of

- Yves , San Diego, CA

Love the Niche Ad Generator but this is an UPGRADE. CL Ad Generator and CL Traffic Bananas are the Peanut Butter and Jelly when marketing on Craigslist.

- Jorge Robinson , United States

Ads that make sense but are ambiguous do well. These look like some of the kind I used to spam, I mean market, a lot. Love the strange approach!

- Brenda Rose , Trabuco Canyon


- Anaika Joel , Westbury , NY

This system here is freaking awesome.. I have the Cl bananas Product, this stuff saves my Business, now I’m getting leads daily on CL and also using this ad generator, Keder YOu ROCK my brother. as you would say LET"S GOOOOOOOOOOOO

- Joseph , The World

Deployment сomplete.

- Protech-team ,

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